We have some exciting announcements to make that you'll love

We’re excited to announce that P.E. Department is embarking on an exciting new chapter!

We’re moving to a new, expansive location designed to supercharge your fitness journey! With more equipment, more room for you to sweat and a community space that feels like home.


Increased class size

Our beautifully designed, bigger group training space will host an expanded class schedule, giving you more flexibility to book into the class you love!

Larger gym floor space

More space means more equipment and more room for activities. Get ready to level up your workout routine!

Wellness area
(infrared saunas)

Indulge in our new wellness oasis with an infrared sauna — perfect for relaxation and recovery.

Lots more equipment

Experience the best with our latest fitness technology and equipment, ensuring your workouts are more effective and enjoyable than ever.

Running Club

Wednesday 6:30am

Rushcutters Bay

12-week training program

All levels are welcome

Running is pure heroin. That’s a slight over exaggeration, but you get the idea. Our run club is open to all members, no matter your fitness level.

We will be meeting at Rushcutters bay at 6:30pm every Wednesday evening and Sunday at 7:30am to train in a variety of different running forms. We’ll be doing long slow runs, fast short runs, sprints, intervals, hills and more.

Because we believe that training for a goal is crucial in running, we’ll be joining different events throughout the year and training up for them. 

Throughout the 12 week blocks, we will provide a training program so you can run between gym sessions with a plan!

ALL LEVELS are invited to join. There is no such thing as a non-runner 😉
A P.E. Run Club WhatsApp group is the place to communicate and plan runs together. Booking for runs can be made via the app.

Membership info

Please register your interest below, or contact us at frontdesk@pedept.com.au and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!


83-97 Darlinghurst road, Potts Point


The best is yet to come!

If you have further questions please send us a message or chat to one of our friendly staff at the gym today.